Coral Trout Fresh Gold Medal Wild Caught

Queensland’s Best Fresh



Fresh From The Reef ..Coral trout’s are among the most sought-after reef fishes for their impressive appearance and fine eating qualities. Their delicate flavour and fine, white flakes appeal to most.  Swimming last night and on you dinner plate tonight …  These are regarded as the best Queensland has to offer … We are happy to clean, fillet, or steak your fish free of charge .. At All 3 Aussie Seafood House’s … Capalaba West, Durack, Strathpine Stores are all Open 7 Days a Week …Fresh Wild Caught Specialists …..

Health Information

Coral Trout has a very low-fat and cholesterol content make it a good protein to substitute in your diet for meats like beef, pork and lamb, which contain significantly higher amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. 100 grams of Coral Trout contains no carbs ..1 g  fat .. 19 g protein and only 92 cal or 384 kj