Moreton Bay Bugs Fresh Wild Caught


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Fresh Cooked Wild caught Moreton Bay Bugs are simply one of the best flavored crustaceans on the market … Known as the Queensland lobster they are best eaten at room temperature or slightly heated to experience the full rich flavour’s … A Fresh garden salad with sliced fresh bug meat tossed through, define summer living …. We have them whole or already cut in half for you …. Get Fresh with Queensland Seafood … At all 3 Aussie Seafood Houses …Capalaba West, Durack and Strathpine stores Open 7 Days a Week … Savour the Flavour of Wild Caught

Bugs are one of Natures superfoods. They have a high omega-3, calcium, magnesium and fibre content …  Moreton Bay Bugs are full of protein, very low in cholesterol and have next to no fat. … They have a medium, sweet, rich flavour (milder than Balmain Bug but stronger than Rock Lobster), low oiliness and superb firm flesh. They are best prepared by poaching, steaming, barbecuing or grilling