Fraser Island Kings Fresh Wild Caught


 Fresh from Queensland

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If you have ever camped on the beaches between Fraser Island and Coffs Harbour at night, you would have seen the lights of the Ocean Trawlers in the distance working those pristine waters for the highly prized, OCEAN KING PRAWN …Full of the Flavour only Wild Caught Prawns can Deliver …And the season is on NOW …These Ocean Trawlers are unloading their Fresh catch to our stores .. Capalaba West, Durack, Strathpine Stores Open 7 Days a Week

100g cooked prawns has 70 calories or 295 kj, with around 15g protein and less than 1g fat, of which is pretty evenly split between saturated and unsaturated fat. There is negligible carbohydrate in prawns because it’s an animal protein.